Saturday, February 28, 2009

Website Recommendation

I try to do this whole "break from the normal routine" thing as infrequently as possible, but I just found a really sweet website that's appropriate for this blog.
Right Pet is a website in which members (it's free) can write reviews on types of pets they've owned. The reviewer gets to do a pet owner's favorite thing to do: talk about their pets. And the reader gets a first hand account of whether or not that pet might be good choice for them.
And if that doesn't float your boat, first, why are you reading this on a boat, and second, try this: If someone reviews a husky, can you talk about how they're better at singing than famous pop stars?
Thanks for putting up with my atypical post. On Monday I'll be back to the usual.


  1. Why am I laughing so hard at that video? I think it's because the yowling is so not with the song most of the time. It's funnier that way.

  2. I got caught up watching all kinds of videos of huskies. I miss my Titan. He's been passed for over 4 years now. Thanks for both links.

  3. Steam: It really is better that way.
    Miss: I'm sorry about Titan. But after 4 years, it's usually a good sadness, isn't it? A nostalgia. And glad you liked the links.