Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Face Rubbing

Hey cats, stop rubbing your faces on everything in the fucking universe, okay? Seriously, it's like they get paid for each new item they scrape their cheeks across. And if your face is so goddamn itchy, cats, maybe you should leave the coffee table alone and get your ass to a vet, because there's clearly something wrong with your face.
Rubbing their face against household objects is no big deal for cats, but no matter how much my right nostril is killing me, I could never get away with sliding it across my friend's blu-ray collection. Maybe his DVDs. Maybe.
(flickr photo Even my cat loves them. by Drab Makyo; http://www.flickr.com/photos/ranna/2325571554/)


  1. The cats are testing us for weak points. Their goal is to end humanity. I'm sure of it.

  2. Its like when your friend notices you have your eye on a special cupcake and they lick it and then say..."ha, want it now?" Thats why the cats rub their weird face glands on stuff. They are like saying "dude, you sure you want to put your hand there now? I was just sniffing and licking myself and now I have rubbed my face all over it. But yeah...go ahead and touch it now if you really want it....mwwwaahaaa!"

  3. I like that idea. A lot. I'm gonna think of it that way from now on. It makes my cats seem much more malicious, and we all know cat's are pretty damn malicious.