Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jumping on New People

Dogs will grab at any excuse they can find to jump, and a new person is one of the most commonly used excuses. This jumping is nothing like that in the last post; they're not doing it to get around, they're doing it because they're dogs and they do whatever the want, gosh. If you invite a new friend over for a Halo competition/wine tasting extravaganza, as you so often do, your dog will be up on them like an escaping prisoner on a fence: quick and desperate. And if they aren't, they want to be.
Because I value the accuracy of this scientifically rigorous blog, I jumped on a new person just the other day, and I can assure you from my new home in a holding cell, it is definitely something that humans can't do. At least that's what my lawyer tells me.
(flickr photo Jumping Dog outside Tate Modern by dps;


  1. Great photo. Although I have had a number of children jump on my leg & hold on for dear life.

  2. Good point. Although to be honest, I'm petty sure that children are exceptions to all of these.

  3. Looks like a 'vizsla vertical take off' to me. My Jana is an expert at those.

    I was going to say it's definitely a dog thing but then I remembered one of our cats who used to jump up on to your chest. She always asked politely first but you had to remember to catch her and then she got her cuddle. I haven't forgotten the poor, unsuspecting visitor who did not know the rules and ended up with the cat hanging on to her chest by the claws!