Monday, February 23, 2009

Flipping Ears Inside Out

Accidental ear flippage, often a result of rolling around like a goddamn maniac, is almost exclusively reserved for dogs with floppy ears, much like the one pictured. Occasionally a cat or a pointy-eared dog will have their ear flipped, but it's a rare citing, like a bald eagle or a sober fraternity.
But a human having his or her ear flipped inside out isn't just rare, it's impossible. And if it does happen, seek medical attention immediately...or make a video and put it online. The only real advantage to this ear flipping ability dogs have is that it doubles their "Holy Shit You Guys, That's So Fucking Adorable" factor (a factor that is already five times higher than a human's, on average), making them more likeable than us without any effort on their part.
(flickr photo Someone Should Tell Him by;


  1. Hubby is good for doing this to our dog and saying just how cute it is. Whatever. He is so easily amused.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. It is pretty cute, and I can't lie, I do it to my dog from time to time. You too!

  3. Aw puppy got his eaw flipped ohva. Fix yo eaw, pups!

    I love the ear flips almost as much as i love sleepyface lip caught on teeth.

  4. OK ... I will make my video !!!!!

    LOL LOL :-)

  5. I think Steven Colbert can do something amazing with his ear...but your right, the inside out, its all floppy eared animals

  6. steam: The sleepyface lips catch is also pretty classic.

    Speedcat: I look forward to seeing it. And please, immediately after making the video, do the first part, and get it checked out. That's dangerous.

    Pets: Colbert channels the skills of animals, and so very little is beyond his grasp.

  7. my ear can do that too.

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