Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Pet Credentials

I'm going to break from listing the things that pets do for just one post to address a question.
On yesterday's post, Patty asked,"What kind of pets do you have?"
Since I write a blog entitled, "The Things Pets Do" it's only fair that my readers know what my pet resume looks like. Thus instead of posting a brief comment in reply, I've made a full post out of it.
I have my interview tie and suit on, and I'm freshly shaven (and by that I mean I'm sitting in sweat pants with day-old stubble). Here goes.
Current Pets:
I live with my girlfriend while she attends vet school and I work a fairly standard office job. We share our living space with an adopted pit bull mix (which is shelter talk for, "He's really a pit bull, but we have to add 'mix' to his title so people will adopt him, because even though he's a big snuggling goof, there's an a certain stigma that will always go with the title 'pit bull'") named Barney.

We also share the space with two adopted cats: a short haired ginger cat (Frank) and a long-haired tuxedo cat (Oz).

And in a separate room, into which the cats may never venture, there are two pet rats (Maria and Serafina) and a patternless leopard gecko (Kaylee).

Past Pets: I grew up in a pet-obsessed family, so my first 18 years of life were also filled with pets. We always had a dog (a collie that raised me, and when he passed due to debilitating hip arthritis, an Australian shepherd/black lab mix and a Jack Russell Terrier). I have three sisters, each of whom had pets growing up: an aquarium with tropical fish, two pet mice, a box turtle, and two toads. Not one to slack in the pet department either, I had a bearded dragon, a corn snake, a skink, and two hognose snakes.
Finally, I worked in a pet shop throughout high school.
Really, the only time I have been sans pets were the first two years of college.
Do I have the job?


  1. I would say you had the job. I could do without the gecko. Your pets are very cute.

  2. I love your pitbull! (mix. heh.) The shelters write "Staff" down here on the dogs' ID cards. When adopting my dogs, I was like, "Dang, a lot of these dogs have staff infections!"

  3. Yeah, pet geckos aren't for everyone; your'e definitely not the first person to make a comment along those lines, mizzbreezysbox.
    Haha, I've heard of the staff euphemism, too, and you'd think it'd work better than just adding mix, since it's an entirely new name, but if it has people thinking of boils and rashes, it's not working.
    And thanks, he's a great dog.

  4. I'm thinking your are well qualified. Yep, you are.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  5. Yep, you got the job. Thank goodness someone has one.


    Thanks for following my blog!

  6. What happened to Keith Urban?

  7. Oh hey Amy. Kaylee actually is Keith Urban. I found out this summer that he is a she, and so the name had to be changed. It took at least a month to get used to. Same gecko, different name that starts with "K."