Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Flying Animals and Rehomed Dogs

Today's post is doubly terrible. Not only have I not posted in a while, but this is a post of links and not things that pets do. I know, I suck. Feel free to egg my house later.
First, you can now fly your pets without having to stash them in the underbelly of a plane, which is nice, since although my dogs and cats are often mistaken for suitcases (except they're not), I'd like to not keep them in the same place people put their clothing and curling irons. Just a thought. Also, while you're at the site, be sure to check the video posted in their blog on April 20th, because the male newscaster is the epitome of douche bag. This guy has it down to a science. He might want to see if Harvard will give him an honorary degree in douche baggery.
Second, tonight ESPN will have a special on what happened to Michael Vick's rehabilitated and rehoused dogs. As someone who has a loving pit bull rescued from a less than ideal situation, I feel it's my duty to promote a TV special on loving pit bulls rescued from less than ideal situations. It's also my duty to give the obligatory fuck you Michael Vick for being an astoundingly horrible human being comment. He's way worse than that dumbass newscaster. Infinitely worse.
I promise I'll be back soon with more Things Pets Do.


  1. There was an episode of Dogtown a few weeks ago on the Michael Vick dogs - for once, Sarah actually watched something worthwhile on television, surprisingly enough.

  2. I saw that video yesterday on the new airline for pets. I think it's awesome. About time too.

    As for Vic, you were too kind to him. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. Choppy: Good work to Sarah. My dog loves discovery channel specials about wolves, see if you can get her to put on a few of those. The consistent howeling can't be beat.
    Sandee: Yeah, I was realyl surprised they were the first people to think of a pet airline. Brilliant idea. And as for Vic, you're right, I probably was. Have a great day.

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